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Concept Couture

We create marketing with the obsession for aesthetics.
Concept Couture is the combination of strategies and high end designs of marketing concepts, showrooms, digital performances, live-events and media content. For us, marketing concept creation feels like designing a powerful look and story. We work with the passion and ambition of a couturier.

Marketing en vogue is our attitude. Text and visuals on-brand and on-trend. We combine offline and online activation inspired by the Zeitgeist. Our experiences leveled up our strategic and aesthetic standard. We worked in lifestyle, beauty, automotive, telecommunications and luxury goods industries.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Vivi Bui and my team of marketing designers

Let the cat out of the bag with maximum effect!
From the first thoughts to defined texts, visuals and designs.
We create the ready-to-impress presentation!


Briefing analysis (if briefing is by end customer)

Briefing wrap up (if needed and useful)

Guided brainstormings

Develop ideas

Create overall strategy

Creative argumentation

Formulate ideas on point, design text and visuals

Detailed briefings of 2D and 3D designers

Strategic preview

Overall concept design of presentation documents and media